Welcome to wreet.xyz, my latest attempt to organize my security tools, tutorials, bugs and thoughts.

This blog will serve as a place to release the latest versions of my fuzzers, along with instructions for using them and changes I intend to make in the future, including new features, bug fixes, etc. I also plan to drop the occasional bug, or comments on news from the infosec community.

Additionall , I will also host some of the tools I use for my work as a webapp pentester, such as XSS helpers and attack payloads.

About me

I am an infosec enthusiast from Denver, CO currently living in Spain. My interests are mostly fuzzing and exploit development, and writing custom tooling in this area. My most recent full-time position was as an Application Security Engineer at SendGrid. My duties included penetration testing, security tool development, AWS security and risk management.

If you’d like to know more, or simply want to chat, drop me a line at chase [at] wreet [dot] xyz.